Reasons to own Alpacas

Alpacas are gentle and inquisitve animals with high intelligence

Trained alpacas are able to be handled by children

Alpacas have high aesthetic appeal

Alpacas are relaxing to be around (they hum to communicate)

Alpacas are environmentally friendly

Their soft padded feet do very little damage to wet winter pastures

They eat leaves and the soft new growth on tree branches but they do not ringbark the trees

Alpacas create dung piles making their paddocks easy to keep clean

Alpaca dung is a good garden fertiliser which does not burn plants

Alpacas have low maintenance requirements compared to other domestic animals

Alpacas are relatively small ans easily handled

Alpacas can be a lifestyle business runfrom home

Alpacas provide investment opportunities

Alpacas produce a luxurious natural fibre

The alpaca body language and antics are fascinating to watch and photograph

Alpacas are used for breeding, showing, companions and pet performance

Alpacas can produce your own fibre supplies

Alpacas give you a rare and exotic animal to display on your property