Routine Care


Alpacas are a relatively low maintenance farm animal.
Basic care includes:
Annual shearing
Regular trimming of nails (hoofs)
Regular vaccinations and vitamins as required (see AANZ Paddock Cards)
Drenching for worms as needed
Daily checking of water troughs
Pasture maintenance as required
Supplementary feeding in times of pasture deficit
Dung heap removal particularly when alpacas are farmed intensively
Daily checking of animals
Regular body scoring of animals
Trimming of fighting teeth for adult males
It is important to remember that alpacas are a relatively new farm animal in New Zealand. Check with local alpaca farms to see which vet(s) they are using as Camelid medicine is specialised. Develop a good working relationship with your vet.
Joining the Alpaca Association of New Zealand (AANZ) is highly recommended as this will allow you to access excellent support, resources, health information and a myriad of other benefits.
Taking alpaca courses, such as those run by Vetlearn (Massey University) will up skill your knowledge.